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Draw the Line got together with legendary producer Jack Douglas to record the song “Fly”. Jack’s resume includes John Lennon,  Cheap Trick and AEROSMITH! He produced all of Aerosmith’s great  70’s albums, including Get your Wings, Toys in the Attic, Rocks, Draw the Line as well as their most recent album, Music from Another Dimension. The song was mastered by Jack’s long time partner,  Jay Messina (who also mastered all those great aerosmith albums).



Written by ( Byrnes, Caira)

Neill Byrnes - vocals, percussion

Gino Caira- Guitars, vocals

Jim Dennis- Guitars, percussion, vocals

David Hull- Bass

Phil Cefalo- Drums

Michele Cavallari - Piano, keyboards


Pre production was recorded at Wooly Mammoth Studios by David Westner.

Produced by Jack Douglas

Engineer Benny Groto at Mad Oak Studios

Mastering by Jay Messina

Original Music - FLY by Draw the Line

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